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What type of website project is this? (Please note: each individual project needs its own form submitted.)

Share the background and positioning of the brand

What is the goal of the website?

Are there problems with the existing site?

Define at least one goal that the website should help you achieve.

Increase number of enquiries via website
Increase online sales
Increase number of phone enquiries

Who are some of the brand’s competitors?

What are some important considerations of things we need to keep in mind and consider, related to the brand and to the website?

You now need to identify the key audiences that you need to appeal to in order to reach your objectives.

These might be:
Prospective customers or clients
Existing clients / returning customers
Members of the press
Prospective employees

Once you have your audiences listed, the key thing you need to consider for each is what they want to be able to do on your site and what you want them to do on your site (these might be the same things, but they could well be different - e.g. they're objective might be to read a blog post, but as well as this you might want them to steer them to sign-up for your newsletter).

Does the site have any non-functional requirements?

These are requirements related to:
Usability - do you have accessibility requirements, perhaps your website will be used mainly on tablets, or by the elderly.
Loading times
Legal - Are there any compliance requirements that the website must adhere to? Will your customers need to accept terms & conditions?

Share website sitemap

Share website wireframes (if applicable)

If ecommerce, please share a link to a document that details the following (products, product details, shipping options, payment methods, etc.):

Customer Branding (Dropbox Folder):

Assets for Website Product (Dropbox Folder):

Create user stories for each type of audience on the site, especially if you have unusual functionality.

User stories are a way of describing the actions a visitor should be able to perform on the site. They look like this:
As a customer – I want to add items to my cart so I can buy them later
As a member of staff – I want to change the status of orders so I can mark items as shipped

Past Examples of Design and/or Things the Customer Didn’t Like:

Pinterest Inspiration Board (if applicable)

Design Examples (attach here if applicable)

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