Top Productivity Habits for Entrepreneurs

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Productivity – this word and the actions behind it are vital to a motivated entrepreneur. The level of your productivity in business can make or break your success. Recently, I was featured among hundreds of my peers in an article by IdeaMensch that tackled the issue of productivity, so I thought I would share some of my tips with my readers. So here they are, my top productivity habits for entrepreneurs.

1. To-Do Lists Are Your Friend

To-do lists are my number one tool for making sure I get done what I need to and in a more manageable and bite sized manner. My personal favorite tool to do this is Wunderlist. A digital list that syncs with your phone, computer, and assistants makes for a more streamlined and instantaneous way to control your tasks.

2. Never Stop Learning

Read, read read. I am constantly reading blogs, watching podcasts, reading books, and garnering eblasts from ‘the greats’ where I can glean more information. The moment you stop learning, you start failing, in my mind. So make sure to always stay thirsty for more knowledge – both in your industry and outside of it.

3. Find Your Productivity Peaks

For me, I find I am most productive after I have had some dedicated ‘me’ time. Whether it is an extra hour in the morning reading or a quick workout, I am always more in my zone after I have dedicated time to myself first.

4. Unplug and Get Out

I am a huge advocate of unplugging and getting out into nature. We are entrepreneurs for a reason, and that is to see the world we are actively changing. Go camping, get hiking, leave your phone at home and embrace the feeling of being disconnected, even just for a bit.

5. Mind Your Health

I put my health first. Whether it’s a green super green smoothie in the morning or getting to bed at an early hour, I don’t skimp on the things my body and mind need to perform at its best. When I find myself skipping a meal or not getting an exercise, I see an almost instant impact on my productivity.

6. Make Your Email Work for You

Whether it is integrating all of your emails under a main hub, or using the brand new mac mailbox app, there is a way to make it so your life isnt completely bogged down by emails all day, everyday.

7. Delegate

Teamwork makes the world go round and makes it possible to create your dent in the world. My amazing team at Modern Entrepreneur makes it possible for me to delegate projects and tasks so that we are maximizing our workforce and impact for our clients. For me, I am most productive, creative, and engaged if I am out of the weeds of the day-to-day tasks, letting my team take care of those.

8. Network Your Pants Off

You have to commit to meeting with new people, going to networking events, and opening up those portals of communication. In truth, around 90% of my work and new clients are referrals. When you network you are not only putting your name out there directly, but indirectly for new doors and opportunities.

9. Allow Time for Inspiration and Creativity

Find what puts you in your creative and inspirational headspace, get there, and get there often. For me – that means some great tunes, a remote place, and a notepad. This combination gets my creative juices flowing and my best ideas tend to flow better from pen to paper.


Are you a modern entrepreneur who wants to share their top productivity habits? Hit me with your best shot in the comment box below!

Sealed with a bear hug,

Amanda K. Larrinaga

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