Danielle Best ­­– Chief Everything Officer

Location: Denver, CO

On Her Work Time: Classically trained in Public Relations at THE University of Idaho, Danielle has over 6 years of experience in digital marketing, project management, and content creation for a large variety of industries.

On Her Free Time: You can find her hiking, biking, running, or reading with her two fur children and husband. (Note: the dogs don’t read or bike, that would be weird)

Quirks and Stuff: Jedi Master of Disney movie quotes.


Kristina Echols ­­– Chief Cat Wrangler

Location: San Francisco, CA

On Her Work Time: With a Bachelors in Business Marketing from MSU in hand, Kristina spends her days wrangling the cats of Modern Entrepreneur and keeping Amanda on the sane and narrow.

On Her Free Time: She can be found avidly drinking coffee and binging on Netflix.

Quirks and Stuff: An amateur chef, eternal learner and always ready for the next adventure.


Alex Reyes ­– Lead Developer

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

On His Work Time: Alex is a wordpress developer and webmaster completely focused on building secure sites that really help their owners achieve their goals. He is always finding the best answer so technology becomes your ally, not your enemy.

On His Free Time: Enjoys cooking, playing videogames, reading, photography, thinkering with technology in general.

Quirks and Stuff: Cookies are his weakness. Loves role playing games and traveling.


Brittani Allred ­­– Social Media Maven

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

On Her Work Time: A Social Media Marketer, Brittani has over 6 years of experience in Social Advertising, Content Curation, Content Calendars and Social Engagement over a variety of industries.

On Her Free Time: She loves watching UNC basketball and taking random road trips.

Quirks and Stuff: Brittani is 6'1" and loves movies that make her cry.