Modern Entrepreneur ( is seeking a Kickass Marketing Assistant who lives in Missoula, MT to join our team and play a big part in how we scale our current growth.  


At Modern Entrepreneur, we say, “F*$K Business As Usual,” as we guide small businesses and startups on a journey to a better way of doing business. Because you can do well by doing good.



  • Finding creative solutions to challenges. When you don’t know the answer, you’ll seek it out and take ownership of the result and implementation.
  • Assist with spreadsheet preparation and research on projects.
  • Providing support for marketing events and activities as required.
  • Meeting, contacts, and calendar management and assistance to the Founder and CEO.
  • Updating and organizing online filing systems.
  • Supporting the CEO with all things life, business, dance parties, and mad scientist in the lab. Read: lots of fun and lots of different things.



  • Have superior organizational skills, impeccable accuracy, and attention-to-detail. Seriously, you can spot a misaligned pixel spelling error, or missed step a mile away.
  • You’re not scared to make your voice heard and offer suggestions and reasoning for all briefs.
  • You are art and tech-savy.
  • Willingness to help out where you’re needed: striking the balance between deadlines and dropping everything to get a critical presentation out is key.
  • Eagerness to take feedback, grow and further your skills
  • Seeking an opportunity for growth, mentoring, and connection within the Missoula (and larger Montana) community.
  • You have the ability to find the right balance between doing it right and doing it fast. We’d love you to label all the folders and have it organized to a “T” but at crunch time: getting things done matters.
  • You seek independence. Nobody will be leaning over your shoulder telling you what to do every day; we expect you to be able to motivate yourself and manage your workload and priorities.
  • You are intrinsically motivated. Modern Entrepreneur works with businesses all over the world. If you need to come into an office and talk to your boss every day to stay motivated, this job is not for you (although we totally want and need you to come into the office occasionally). 
  • You should have a good eye and have bookmarks of great examples of best practices, ideas, fun to help inspire and direct you.



  • Design/marketing/copywriting or any relevant experience.
  • Previous assistant experience.
  • Experience in startup (or something fast paced).
  • Experience in digital marketing, agency, or online business previously.



  • You only want to wear one hat. Modern Entrepreneur is growing and we take on the goals of much larger organizations. In practice, this means that all team members end up wearing multiple hats and working on multiple facets of the business. If that excites you, great! If you are set on never venturing out of your job title, you’re going to get frustrated fast.
  • You’re looking for traditional 9 am – 5 pm.
  • You need and crave tight structure (although we’re looking to you to help put a bit more of this in place).
  • You’re uncomfortable being “uncomfortable” and learning new things.



  • We currently have a remote office (and team) – allowing you to work more generally, when and from where you want to. However, you need to have some early morning availability.
  • The job is starting as part-time and as needed.  We’re currently at about 10-12 hours a week with lots and lots of room for growth. Filling this role with someone who is going to say “yes,” with someone willing to learn and work hard (and efficiently) will allow us to grow faster.
  • Traditional education (college degree, etc.) doesn’t apply here. I want to see what you can do and that you are teachable.



  • Send us an e-mail ( with your resume/story – tell us a little about you, your experience, and what you’re looking for.  Also, be sure to take this brief test and share your result. And remember that attention to detail piece? First impressions count. If our stars align, we will be in touch with you shortly after with a time to meet and talk more. We will hold interviews over the next two weeks and would like someone to start ASAP.