A Fireside Chat on Fear, Becoming an Entrepreneur and Staying Organized

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For so many, the gut reaction to hearing the word ‘entrepreneur’ is a nice, messy mix of fear and anxiety. And I get it, I’ve been there.

And no amount of time makes it go away. That’s one of the biggest myths of fear – that you one day stop feeling it. Ah hell, no. Even Queen Bey, Beyonce, isn’t immune. “I have accomplished nothing in my life without a little taste of fear in mouth.”

The act of doing, making, building and shipping is the only thing that helps build up the confidence that despite that taste of fear, you can (and must) still ship.

As an enthusiast and Ambassador of Shoeboxed, I recently sat down for an interview with a Shoeboxed team member to talk about my journey of fear, shipping and the building of  Modern Entrepreneur (less-than-ideal clients, fretful nights, amazeball apps and awesome employees included).

Without further ado, check out the interview below, where I unveil how this pint-sized Basque girl overcame her fear of becoming an entrepreneur with a beautiful thing we call organization: Conquering Fear and Building Businesses: A Shoeboxed Success Story.


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