Engineering Success

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s engineered.

If you own a business, I already know a few things about you. You’re brave. You’re smart. You’re creative. You’re hardworking. You’re persistent.


You’re probably also stressed, exhausted and frustrated. You KNOW your business has mad appeal and potential, but you’re just not sure how to get your baby the attention and success it deserves.

Let me ask you three questions:

  1. Are you working your ass off supplying services or products to your customers, but you feel like your success has belched and passed out?
  2. Do you feel like your business is openly mocking you with its screaming potential because you’re not sure which steps to take next?
  3. Are you ready for some next-level shit?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then strap in for a thrilling ride, my business-owning friend. This program is called an engineering program for a reason. Engineers tend to be bright people, who work smarter – not harder.

This is not called “Half-Assing Your Way to Success.” We’re gonna engineer the hell out of your success.

I’ve been where you are right now. I know what it feels like to have a business that has off-the-charts potential, but needs a kick in the ass. The struggle is real. That’s why I can help you engineer a plan for success.


So who the hell am I, you ask?

I am Amanda K. Larrinaga, the high priestess of marketing and The Engineering Success Program. I’ve helped lots of business owners, just like you – folks who knew their business could be a fiery ball of successful goodness – but who didn’t know how to get it there.

Here’s How the Program Works:

I will host you and three other business owners in a 3 ½ hour workshop. Live. In-Person.

Yeah, that’s right. I like to keep it intimate. That way I can give your business the attention it deserves. A portion of this timeframe will be completely dedicated to your business while the rest will be an ass-kicking revelation, complete with must-do’s for every business to really rev their engines and hit the open road.

My reasoning for a small intimate workshop?

You’ll be in a very small, very concentrated group of local entrepreneurs who likely share your same concerns, frustrations, and challenges. This network of like-minded individuals, combined with me and my team, will sift through these issues and give you specific ideas and solutions that will help you engineer success.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Intimate, live workshop.
  • Bring your team members, spouse, etc. -- we don’t discriminate.
  • Limited to 4 people local entrepreneurs/business owners.
    • Built-in community for networking and brainstorming business solutions.
  • Direct access to Amanda and her team for 3.5 hours.
  • After your mind is blown, Amanda will soften the blow with drinks for all.

By joining my Engineering Success Program, you’ll not only learn how to grow a successful business but a successful business right in your backyard – all in the comforts of a small group setting.



"Amanda is a vision and mission oriented small business builder. She supports business owners to see beyond what they know about their business into where their business can grow.

Amanda's vision and guidance are unique and will support businesses to make the necessary changes and growth to experience the next level of success."

- Melanie Pittman, One Big Office


  • In your quest for success, you probably enjoy beating your head against the wall as much as the next business owner -- but really, it’s enough already.  The whole reason you went into business was to succeed! Seriously, who starts a business and says, “I can’t wait to fail!” or “I can’t wait to enjoy mediocre success!” Um, no one.
  • Your bank account is hemorrhaging from marketing materials you’ve purchased that aren’t geared toward your particular business or our very unique local market.
  • As much fun as it to trial and error your way to success, you recognize it may be time for a more calculated approach.
  • All the cool kids are doing it… at least, all the cool kids who want to enjoy real, next-level, measurable, top-shelf success.

The Engineering Success Program is THE only roadmap to bypassing the #1 problem plaguing your business. That’s worth the price of admission alone. And did I mention that I’m taking everyone out for drinks afterward?


Hobart Swan


"Amanda plays an essential role in today's business environment: She demystifies so that people can get over their fear or hesitation to act, and get to the business of leveraging those critical channels of communication."

- Hobart Swan, Vocalize LLC