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Have you ever seen Star Trek? (No, not the Chris Pine, new age, amazing special effects Star Trek) The original, raw, Leonard Nimroy-as-Spock kind.

Well, like my Human/Vulcan counterpart, Spock, I’ve learned over the past 10 years that true genius in business and marketing strategy doesn’t live solely within the realm of reason or logic, nor does it sustain itself on pure emotion. It takes both.

And I’m ready to share that with you.

Enter the Mind Meld.

You are ready for the Mind Meld if…

  1. You’ve not only lost all forward momentum with your business, but you don’t even remember what it feels like to have that forward-moving wind through your entrepreneurial hair.
  2. You’ve started actually googling the definition of ‘entrepreneur’ because you sure as hell don’t feel like one right now.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could just reach out, touch your hypothetical face, and share their experience, ideas, and knack for success – straight into your brain – and in 60 minutes or less?

Well, face-touching optional, you are in luck.

The Skinny on the Mind Meld:

  • Apply for a 60-minute mind meld session with me.
  • You will have my undivided attention for our entire mind meld.
  • Sessions last roughly one hour. Depending on how well our minds meld, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less.
  • COST: $279. It’s quick. It’s profound. And if you are truly serious about getting your business going, it’s worth it.

YES. Sign Me Up for
the 60-Minute Mind Meld.

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The word on the street:

Amanda’s team was a dream to work with. She quickly responded to messages and implemented our new strategies into her social media plan. She ads just the right amount of variety to her content that informs our connections and keeps them engaged. She is fantastic!”

Gretchen Pritts, Communications Coordinator, ICF Midwest Regional Conference.

“Working with Amanda’s team on social media for the conference has taken our feed from sparsely populated to full of relevant information.  The branded graphics she created were excellent and definitely got more exposure for us.  Our Facebook Page likes more than doubled this year.  We also saw more interaction on Twitter.  Give her team the fodder and she will make a relevant, full, engaging feed for you.   “

Kristen Beireis, Marketing Chair, ICF Midwest Regional Conference

“Amanda and her team have managed all of our social media efforts (plus some) for the last year. We’ve seen huge increases in engagement, audience size, and traffic across all of our channels. Not only that, but they always take the initiative to recommend new strategies for better performance and engagement. Her team is more than simply social media managers, they are partners in our business.”

Maryam Henien, Startup Founder, HoneyColony

Live Long. Make Great Shit. Prosper