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Fear: Shipping is the Only Answer

Full of fear and uncertainty I did the only thing I could. I shipped. Anything and everything.

What is holding you back from taking on your dreams?

For me?  It was the fear.  The uncertainty.  The vulnerability.  The unknown.  When I first got started I did what so many entrepreneurs do.  Instead of focusing on shipping, on getting things out the door, I took my eye off the ball.  My eyes drifted to the sidelines, the outfield, the crowd, to first base – essentially everywhere but the ball.   I let that fear and that uncertainty take the wheel.  I fretted over fonts and artwork.  I debated form layouts and messaging.  I flip flopped on packages and offers.  I read.  And read.  And invested in training after training.  I just wanted it to work.  I wanted, I needed to find something, someone, anything Read More